Life before I became a priest
               As the Rosa Parks project was unfolding, I realized I was called to the priesthood, and Mrs. Parks affirmed that decision.

My vocational life before my priesthood began in the profession of nursing, where I worked in an emergency room, an intensive care unit, and a nursing home. My first administrative responsibility came when I was 24 years old in a nursing home where I learned personnel management. I returned to graduate school early which led me into the university world.  My responsibility grew from program administration to leading a department, to leading a college, while also completing a Ph.D. Eventually a postdoctoral fellowship at UAB in the President’s office, also prepared me for executive leadership.

I entered college/university administration at Troy University as President of the Montgomery campus. The job was challenging and rewarding. The campus served working people and operated most of its offerings at night. We were able to build a downtown campus plaza with new buildings. I was extremely blessed to lead an effort to recognize Rosa Parks by building a library and museum to the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1998. Getting to know Mrs. Parks and the people she grew up with in Montgomery remains one of the highlights of my vocational life. As that project was unfolding, I realized I was called to the priesthood and Mrs. Parks affirmed that decision.

rosa-parks-museum-exterior (1)